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about hardware

first post: derek21 wrote: hi, i never use arduino. Pls tell me what processor and what ver...

Other hardware like Tahoe?

first post: kierepka wrote: Hi,Do you think it is possible to convert Pyxis2 to other platforms...

latest post: skewworks wrote: Both of those boards look like they should be able to handle Pyxis ...

Upcoming Release

first post: skewworks wrote: The production release of Pyxis 2 will be out within the next month...

Beta 2.2

first post: skewworks wrote: Release NotesAn issue stopping the Checkbox from working properly h...

Step by Step installation instructions?

first post: Ninjajpbob wrote: Would be helpful.Thanks!

latest post: skewworks wrote: Sorry, I neglected to put them on CodePlex; they've been on Skewwor...

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