Upcoming Release

Jan 7, 2011 at 6:29 PM

The production release of Pyxis 2 will be out within the next month or so and there are a few important things to know before the release.


  1. Most importantly, applications developed against the beta will not be immediately compatible with the production version. This is due to some architecture changes that were required.
  2. We now have an installer utility "InstallMaker" so your applications can be seamlessly installed by the user with a single file (no matter how many files your project consists of)
  3. The concept of Web Applications has been removed from the production release.
  4. We've added RichTextLabel (allows multiple fonts, colors and styles on a single label)
  5. Forms can now be set to "AutoScroll" allowing you to create your application without having to worry about the user's screen size.
  6. ContextMenus will make an appearance in the production release.
  7. USB Keyboard support has been added.
  8. Applications will now have direct access to File Associations.
  9. An App Store has been created where you can offer your product through the Skewworks site (free apps only at the moment; paid is planned).
  10. Applications can now receive parameters on start-up.
  11. The default font has been changed to Arial and more fonts have been added.